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Using the Sew Magnetic Cutting System for Garments, Bias Cuts, and Heavy Fabrics | Jennifer Stern

In this video, Jennifer dives into the Sew Magnetic Cutting System, starting with an unboxing and then showing you how it performs when cutting fabrics for garment sewing, bias cuts, and handling heavier or stretchy materials.


Jennifer reveals what's inside the Sew Magnetic Cutting System package, giving you an inside look at what to expect when you get your hands on this handy tool.

She takes you through practical applications, demonstrating how the magnetic ruler keeps fabrics in place during the cutting process. She shares insights on how to use this system effectively when working on garments, cutting fabric on a bias, and handling heavier materials.

Whether you're a seasoned garment maker or just exploring the world of sewing, this video provides valuable insights into how the Sew Magnetic Cutting System can make your fabric cutting tasks smoother and more precise.

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