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About Us


We're Jamie and Jessica – sisters, best friends, and the creators of SewTites® magnetic sewing pins.

Jamie (the younger one, in case you were wondering) is a lover of all things modern fabric, quilting, and sewing. 

After watching our mom, Amy, sew many Halloween costumes, Christmas PJs, and quilts as a child, Jamie started sewing when she made a king size (!) log cabin quilt for her now-hubby over a decade ago. She was hooked. 

One day in early 2017, while working on a bag, she decided to use magnets to "pin" the leather pocket in place while piecing.

She called up Jessica and told her about the simple and functional idea.

Jessica, who is a career marketer and graphic designer, replied "We should market that!"

The idea went by the wayside, however, for about a year while we were working on another business called Culcita (which we've since shut down to focus on SewTites).

But then... we needed a giveaway for our QuiltCon 2018 booth. We decided this was the perfect opportunity to test market the concept. So, we came up with the SewTites name, had some prototypes made up, and handed them out.

Turns out, the response was overwhelming – just about everyone thought they were ingenious and amazing!

So, we had our first production run whipped up, put up a website, started posting about them on social media, and sent some to our subscribers.

Within a few months, distributors got wind of SewTites and started calling.

Today, just a short time later, SewTites are distributed by all major US distributors, two Canadian distributors, and one Australian stockist – with the United Kingdom coming soon!

We are extremely grateful for those who have embraced this new way of pinning, given us ideas for uses we hadn't even thought of (Kitty Wilkins, we're looking at you!), spawned ideas for new models, and shared SewTites with their business associates, distributor contacts, and quilty friends. We wouldn't be on this incredible journey without you, so thank you!

Our mission at SewTites is to empower ourselves and others to live a "Sew Magnetic" life – as fully and intentionally as possible.

As a part of that mission, we donate 5% of annual profits to FCCLA, an organization that teaches teens life skills, including sewing, on their path to adulthood.

Here's to easier pinning and living a "Sew Magnetic" life!


Jessica & Jamie

Our Crew

From left: Jessica; Suzi, our amazing friend who has helped us in so many unseen ways to make SewTites a reality; Amy, our mom, who is also a silent partner behind the scenes; and Jamie.