SewTites Dots
SewTites Dots
SewTites Dots
SewTites Dots
SewTites Dots

SewTites Dots

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SewTites Dots Uses & Magnet Strength

Use SewTites® Dots when working on small EPP projects, wool applique, and more!

The magnets in our Dots are extremely powerful and will hold very thick projects together – they're our most powerful magnet and since there is only one magnet on the Dot, they work well when you want to move around the magnet somewhat while working. If you need something slightly larger that won't move around, check out the SewTites Mini.

To use the SewTites Dot, simply slide the magnet apart, align with the pieces you need to sew together, snap on the SewTites, and sew!

    • No more hand fatigue.
    • No more working around clips and pins.
    • No more moving clips and pins.

      Each package includes 5 SewTites Dots.

      Each "Sticky Mess" package includes 10 SewTites Dots.

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      SewTites Dots Dimensions: .67" (17mm) diameter


      Save 50% on "Sticky Mess" SewTites Dots!

      These SewTites are from one of our first production runs a couple of years ago that have extremely sticky adhesive on the three Dots on the front of the packaging - adhesive that's just gotten stickier over time, and so we stopped selling them and they've just been collecting dust.

      If you don't mind a bit of an initial hassle and love getting a deal, however, here's your chance! 

      To remove the adhesive, use acetone fingernail polish remover (we'll include a pad of it in your package) to slowly work it off. Or, do as others have done and cut them out of the card (keeping the paper on the metal backing), use washi tape to cover up the adhesive, or try Goo Gone (though, in our opinion, it's a bit greasy for the job).

      (And yes, we've since developed a way to display SewTites in packaging without adhesive!)

      Available while supplies last. All sales final. Offer not valid with any other coupons or discounts.