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👋 Say Hello to Maureen, our New Marketing Coordinator! 👋

Registered Dietitian by schooling, Maureen has worked in a variety of senior-level marketing and product development roles for the past 15+ years in a couple of healthcare-related companies, one software and one food. Maureen helped her latest organization's revenue grow over 500% from 2013 to 2021. 

Maureen is an avid quilter, SewTites user, and Master Knitter (yes, that’s a thing!). Here are a few other fun facts about her:

  • At a recent wedding reception, her and her husband, Brian “won” for having the longest marriage of all of the guests (39 years - congrats!).
  • Brian and Maureen have 2 adult children, Caitlin and Brent. Caitlin has been married to Bon for 7 years. Brent is still single. (Maureen is currently accepting applications for her future daughter-in-law, but don’t tell Brent.) They also have a dog, Zoe. The whole family thinks she’s human.
  • Maureen is obsessed with her 4 year old grandson, Quinn. When she is sewing, he has the important job of pushing the “cut threads” button on her sewing machine. Also while sewing, they frequently stop to have dance parties to 70’s classic rock.
  • Maureen’s favorite yoga pose is Shavasana. #IFYKYK
  • Maureen taught herself to sew at the age of 9 or 10 by reading the user’s guide to her mom’s Kenmore sewing machine. (Which her mom never learned how to use.)
  • Maureen made her first quilt at 17 and several more in her 20s. And then kids happened. She started quilting again about 6 or 7 years ago. Her favorite thing to make is improv quilts. “No rules apply” is her mantra in quilting and in life.

We’re beyond excited to welcome Maureen to our team! Initially, she’ll be wrangling our social media and marketing efforts, and she’ll soon be putting her product development experience to good use behind-the-scenes, as well as manning our booth at upcoming quilt shows (she’ll be in Houston at Festival with us in a couple of weeks!). We can’t wait for what’s to come! 

To alllll of you who took the time to apply for this position and interviewed with us, we sincerely appreciate you! We were overwhelmed with and humbled by the quantity and quality of the people who applied for the position – so much so, the scope and responsibilities of the position evolved and grew. Your enthusiasm for our company and our products helped us dream even bigger! We wish you all the best in all of your endeavors, and hope we’ll see you around online or in person soon. 

💜 Jamie, Jessica, & Suzi

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